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May 01 2013

iOS 6.1 Build Cloud Support

We updated the iOS build machines today to iOS SDK 6.1. Happy building!

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December 03 2012

RhoHub Editor Officially Sunsetted

As mentioned previously, the RhoHub Editor has been removed.

We encourage you to try out the Motorola RhoMobile Suite for building Rhodes, RhoElements and RhoConnect applications.

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November 08 2012

Sunsetting the RhoHub Editor

When we launched the RhoHub editor last year, we wanted to provide a simple way for developers to write Rhodes / RhoConnect applications in the browser. Since then we launched RhoMobile Suite, a complete HTML5 development platform based on the Eclipse Platform.

We will remove the RhoHub editor December 1st and instead focus on making RhoMobile Suite integrate with RhoHub to give you the best experience. More details on this integration are coming soon!

RhoMobile Suite comes with the Eclipse Git plugin pre-installed so you can still access all of your existing RhoHub...
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October 23 2012

Announcing Cedar Stack Support and Sunsetting RhoSync Application Deployments

RhoSync was officially deprecated last year as the new product, RhoConnect was launched. RhoHub now deploys all new applications to the Heroku Cedar Stack.

We are also now officially sunsetting deployments of RhoSync on RhoHub in line with the removal of Heroku's Ruby 1.8 Bamboo Stack. If you already have a deployed RhoSync application, you will now see a warning indicating that the application cannot be un-deployed and re-deployed to the same stack.

We strongly encourage you to migrate your RhoSync app to RhoConnect if you...
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June 25 2012

Git SSH access over HTTPS port

We are happy to announce SSH git access over port 443 (HTTPS). If you have trouble accessing your repositories hosted on git.rhohub.com over port 22 (the default ssh port) due to a firewall or proxy limitation, you can now clone and push using firewall.git.rhohub.com on port 443 instead.


To test connectivity, run the following command:

$ ssh -T -p 443 git@firewall.git.rhohub.com 
Empty git command... 

Use port 443 by default

To make the changes permanent, create or edit the file ~/.ssh/config and add the...
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